Personal Loans

Rejected by a bank because of a low credit score? Don’t worry, you have other options! CLN Finance Canada can help you obtain a private loan. A private loan can be attained from an individual or private institutions and not from a financial institution such as bank because of their strict procedures. Banks require clients to have good credit and meet other stringent guidelines. Private lenders are not limited by such rules and CLN can connect you with the right lender. You should also note that if you have made previous applications to banks on your own and have been rejected, it might be worthwhile for you to try again with CLN Finance Canada. We can leverage our volume pricing, our access to multiple lenders and our experience to get you the financing you want.

Individuals who are having difficulties obtaining a loan or who have exhausted their options to obtain financing through traditional lending channels, such as banks, credit unions etc. should contact CLN Finance. With convenient and flexible 24-48 month terms, our clients have the ability to tailor a payment to fit their budget. Give us call and let one of our representatives assist you in achieving your financial goals.

What is a Private lender?

Although most people would traditionally go to the bank to get a loan. Using a private lender offers greater flexibility and speed. As the policy and procedures are far less stringent than a bank, thus allowing access to funds in an expedited manner. Although banks have the money to back ANY loan it is limited by rules (i.e. things like time in business, high credit scores, high cash flow requirements and low debt-to-income ratios) which makes it difficult to get a loan, in which case CLN finance Canada suggest working with a private lender. A private lender is in the business of providing loans because they are not restricted in terms of there lending power.They are able to assess a loan very quickly, therefore private lenders have a faster closing schedule and funding time. A private lender can close a deal within a couple of days while a bank must process your files through different departments before approving you. CLN can help connect you with reputable private lenders to help you get the loan you need to achieve your financial goals. Give us a call and let one of our representatives assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Bad Credit Loans

Loans are easily attainable if you have a good credit score and a down payment, but if you are missing one of the two it is not the end of the world.Certain economic setbacks for some individuals do not have good credit and for this reason they are rejected by their financial institutions even though they have the ability to pay back the loan. Nowadays lenders have realized that they cannot be limited by rules of the past and have come up with different loan structures to help individuals get the loans they need to help them with their financial needs. CLN Finance Canada has a track record of success in finding loans for individuals in situations like these.We can assist you to find lenders whooffer an avenue for individuals with poor credit to get financing and provide them with an opportunity to rebuild their credit. Give us a call and let one of our representatives assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Payday Loans vs Personal Loans

At CLN finance Canada we work with our clients to help them make the best decision in terms of loans when it comes to their Financial needs. Often clients visit short term lenders who often promise quick and easy transactions with little to no credit checks. They will make you sign a few pages of paperwork and you walk out the door with money in your pocket or deposit into you account on the same or next day.

Although this may help you with whatever financial issue you may be dealing with at the time but it comes at a very high cost. Many of these lenders charge high interest rates. A simple $1000 loan may cost up to $200 dollars in fees and interest. Private loans are a great alternative to payday loans. You can repay your loan in small installments, making it much easier for you to budget. CLN will connect you with the reputable lenders that will charge you a reasonable interest and that will in turn help you get your personal loan while building your credit score. There are always options. Give us a call and let one of our representatives assist you in achieving your financial goals