Need to winterize yourself?

Winter is almost here, and expectedly it is bringing the cold to town. Thankfully, protecting yourself from this cold is not so much of a tedious task.

All you have to do is prepare early and thoroughly. By preparation, we mean tuning your home and surrounding environment to withstand winter’s sometimes harsh weather conditions. Obviously, this will cost you money, which is why we have come up with a lineup of winter loan solutions to help you cover the cost of winterizing yourself. How do you go about this, well it’s easy.

Financing for winter clothing

Yes, there is such a thing as winter clothing, and no, your favorite sweat jacket won’t substitute for it. In winter, temperatures can drop well below freezing. Insulating yourself from the cold requires that you procure winter gear. Winter clothing comes in all shapes and sizes with the best ones spotting layered and waterproof designs. They don’t come cheap but consider them a well worthy investment for guaranteeing comfort and good health.

Winterize your car

Our loan options also cover vehicle upgrades to beef up your car’s resistance to winter’s harsh weather conditions. Kickstart winter preparations for your vehicle by checking and if there is a need, replacing key vehicle components that are at risk of being affected by cold temperatures. These include washer fluids, motor oil, engine filter, vehicle coolant, and your cars battery. The majority of these have winter variants specially formulated to resist any damage consequent of winter’s subzero temperatures.

Once you’ve sorted these out, you can move to install winter tires for your car. Winter tires are an essential requirement for navigating slippery and snow filled roads. The best ones will set you back by about $130 each or more. Given our robust loan options, rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

Invest in an HVAC system

Like winter tires for your car, HVAC systems are a compulsory necessity for your home in winter. An entry level HVAC unit costs approximately $3500; some higher end models might cost as much as $7500. The good news is that we provide highly flexible and easy to process loan options to cover this expense. Simply fill our loan application form, and our representative is sure to get back to you in record time. It’s that easy, and because we field one of the best interest rates in the industry, repayment is equally stress-free.

At CLN Finance, our goal is to make winter (and in extension your life) as comfortable as can be. Loan solutions don’t need to be cut-throat. This is the point we aim to prove with our lineup of customer friendly loan options. Our in-house loan experts work with you to develop a suitable repayment plan so you pay at your convenience – no stress and no hassle. Contact us today and let us help you experience winter the stress-free and healthy way.